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KFC's Nail Polish You Can Eat

The chicken company says it's created "Finger Lickin' Good" nail polish with two edible flavors based on their all-time favorite recipes, Original and Hot & Spicy.
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Giant Tuna Swallows Seagull Then Spit It Out

Usually, it’s the birds that are preying on the fish in the ocean. But the food chain was flipped on its own head in this trending clip
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Student Troll Professor During Class With Online Poll

it was no surprise to students when the professor checked an online poll during class that the trolls pounced on the hilarious opportunity.
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The Big Fat Fatty is a Ten Pound, $50 Sandwich That Will Destroy You

The Big Fat Fatty. If you finish this 10 pound monster you get it for free. The only catch: you have to beast it in 40 minutes or less. Think you'd stand a chance?
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An oldie that has since gone viral -- it appears that it took the entire Ukrainian police force to arrest a stubborn Chewbacca.
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Whale surprises onlookers in marina

Visitors got a surprise this week when a whale surfaced in a Ketchikan, Alaska marina.
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Lamborghini-based Batmobile Is Everything You Dreamed of

The infamous Gumball 3000 rally across Europe is in full swing. Of all the absolutely wild cars that are participating in the 3,000-mile star-studded race, perhaps the wildest is Team Galag's...
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Mattress fall off truck, hits motorcyclist and breaks his fall

The motorcyclist was riding on the road's left shoulder, shortly behind the pickup when the mattress flew off the truck and smashed right into the motorcycle.
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Gator Climbs Door and Rings Doorbell at SC Home

WCIV first reported about a gator that appears to ring the doorbell of a house after crawling up the front door.
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Bad Moms Looks to Be Bad Ass

a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However she's over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she's about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two...
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