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Tornado demolishes a Starbucks in Kokomo, Indiana. Wild video

A Starbucks in Kokomo, Indiana was flattened as a tornado touched down on Wednesday. Parts of Indiana are under a tornado watch until 9pm Wednesday as severe weather continues in the central part...
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World's Largest Aircraft in Slowest Crash Ever

Airlander 10, world's longest aircraft, went down after tangle with telephone pole
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Crazy Shootout at Gas Station in Atlanta

And you thought your day was stressful!
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The Most Secure Car In The World

There's auto security and auto security. And he keeps his keys in his undies.
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If you've got a fear of heights, don't watch this.

This has to be the sketchiest high dive you'll ever see.
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Weedions In: I Weed Survive

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Landing Fail: Guy Jumping Off Cliff Lands On Back

When cliff jumping, the idea is that you go in FEET first. He didn't get the memo.
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Principal Won't Give iPhone To Dad

This principal refuses to give a student's dad the phone she confiscated.
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Scientists Make Shrunken, See-Through Lab Mice

'We can look into the wiring of the whole mouse in high resolution'
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Dude Hides Side Piece Under the Bed – The Wife Finds Her Anyway

C’mon man, that’s the first place she’ll look.
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