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Australians are being attacked by Magpies!

As if crocodiles weren't enough to worry about while in Australia, it turns out the birds will try and get you, too.
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Is Jared Leto the Worst Joker Ever?

Let's consider.
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LUKE CAGE: Haven't Heard?

I guess they hadn't!
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Steve-O Breaks Ankle Into Pieces After Port-o-Potty Crash

Steve-O came out on the losing end of a run-in with a wooden porta potty ... and by losing we mean his ankle is shattered in THREE places, and the video is brutal.
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IT'S HUGE! Giant Black Slug!

Monster sized Slugs! ...seriously, these giant black slugs are HUGE!!
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No truck body? No problem.

While driving in Thailand this person caught on video a truck without a body.
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Man Sets Record For Most Straws In Nostril

This man somehow fits 40 straws into his nostril. No, we don't know why
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Granny Could Care Less About Crash

When a motorcyclist smashes into a car that stopped to allow this lady to cross, she could care less
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Two Arrested After Video Shows Adults Blowing Pot Smoke Into Toddler's Face

Two Idaho women were arrested on child endangerment charges this week after a video reportedly posted on Facebook appeared to show four adults smoking pot in a room with child, at one point blowing...
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This Guy's Take On Colin Kaepernick Is Very Interesting!

From th evideo description: Examining Colin Kaepernick's self righteous sit out during the national Anthem.
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