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Corey & Patrick In The Morning


Corey's Week in Review and Patrick's Friday Rant - Watch Now!

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What it's like to be pinched by a huge crab

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Tortoise Falls In Love With Drain Cover

This 100-Year-Old Pet Tortoise Escaped And Traveled Six Miles In An Attempt To Find Love
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Nickelback just released a cover of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry

Well, go your smack.
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Frogs Argue Over Mealtime

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McDonalds Needs More Employees Like This

McDonald's workers have some fun with a customer.
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Talent Doesn't Win Oscars. Money Does

No, money can't act--but it CAN make voters act differently.
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4th Grader Is Super Excited For First Day Of School

Settle down, youngblood!
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Firefighter pulling dead body out of river shocked when the man got up

Firefighters in south China were called on scene to a river where a "body" was reported seen floating on the river.
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A Guy Takes a Bath in Hot Sauce and Doesn't Like It

A guy on YouTube dumped 1,250 bottles of hot sauce in a bathtub and took a bath in it. He dunked his head under too. Then he found out it kind of hurts.
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