What is it?

It's time to sign up your business for the THV Summer Cereal Drive!
Our goal is to continue to provide healthy breakfast options for children and their families here in Arkansas because one in four kids doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.

For the last 12 years, You, THV11 and the Arkansas Foodbank, in partnership with local businesses, groups, schools and individual, have teamed up during the summer months by providing healthy breakfast options for children and families in central Arkansas who would otherwise go without the most important meal of the day - breakfast.
The THV Summer Cereal Drive provides hungry Arkansans with non-perishable breakfast items that are both nutritious and kid-friendly.

This year, we will kick-off the Summer Cereal Drive on Thursday, May 23rd from 5am until 7am at Cabot Jr. High South with a special “Cereal Assembly.” The drive will conclude with a special breakfast for business participants on Friday, July 12th from 5am until 7am at the Jack T. Stephens Center on the Campus of U.A.L.R.

Special Bonus & Incentives
Between the opening and the conclusion, there will be community visits and special incentives for businesses to report cereal week to week. There will be breakfasts for businesses that collect the most cereal week to week, and for those businesses that use the most creative ideas, strategies, methods of cereal collections! So businesses, be thinking of the ways to increase cereal collections through creative means, and don’t forget to report your cereal WEEKLY! Submit your ideas for the chance to receive a special breakfast for your business! (Erica McFadden, the Food Donations Coordinator at the Arkansas Foodbank (emcfadden@arkansasfoodbank.org) will select the most creative strategy week to week.)

Cereal Goal
In 2012, the Cereal Drive posted a record, 212,873 boxes of cereal!  This year our goal is to provide 215,000 boxes of cereal for hungry Arkansans!

Business Edition Registration is open from May 6-May 31. Click here for the details and sign up form.

What Counts as Cereal?
• Dry cereal - boxes OR bags, 8oz. or more (Think Nutritious!)
• Cereal/Breakfast Bars
• Pop Tarts
• Oatmeal
• Cream of Wheat