Avenged Sevenfold have revealed their sixth studio album, "Hail To  The King," will be released on August 27th! I can't freakin' wait! A7x  is one of our favorite bands! Pictured above is the brand new album artwork  just released today!

Avenged Sevenfold has announced plans to release a Limited Edition  Box Set of "Hail To The King" for $99! I must have one! It comes in a  treasure chest loaded with goodness and a death bat skeleton key! Click here to check it out!

Listen to "HAIL TO THE KING" right now!

"Hail To The King" track listing:

01.  Shepherd Of Fire
02. Hail To The King
03. Doing  Time
04. This Means War
05. Requiem
06. Crimson  Day
07. Heretic
08. Coming Home
09.  Planets
10. Acid Rain