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() A mother of a teenager who broke both of her  feet after jumping off a roof and landing on concrete instead of the intended  pool is trying to raise funds on the Internet to cover her daughter’s expenses.  But the Web, in general, is showing it has little sympathy for this fundraising  effort.

Wheelchair-bound for at least the next six  months and therefore unable to work, the mother of 19-year-old Nicole Easton  started a GoFundMe  page seeking to raise $4,200 to cover her daughter’s rent, food,  toiletries, phone, etc.

Here’s what mother Carrie  Yunker wrote:

My daughter Nicole Just graduated from high  school. She had a good job, and had just moved into her very first house as an  adult on her own. I’m so proud of her.

Unfortunately Nicole with her roommates, and a  girlfriend were being crazy young adults one afternoon. Jumping from the roof of  their house into the pool. I’m surprised that Nicole would even try something  like that. She’s not the very daring type. She hesitated at the last moment. She  missed the pool.


Nicole is expected to be disabled for at least  6 months to a year. She’s in a wheel chair. Not taking it very well I might add.  The issue is that Nicole had just moved into her first house with the best  roommates. Nicole not being able to work can’t pay her share of the bills. This  threatens not only her losing her place to live, but her roommate’s as well.  Their credit too. They have signed a years lease.

I paid her share this month, but We need help  while Nicole is in recovery. Living expenses. I’ve broken it down for  you.
Expected time down is 6 months.
Nicole’s share of the rent is $300 x  6 = $1800
Add up to $400 a month  x 6 = $2400

Yunker also posted a graphic video of the  accident as it happened, but it has since been removed from the site and  YouTube.

he footage, which is painful even just  to watch, remains on LiveLeak though (Warning: while  the video does not show anything overtly graphic, it is still painful to  watch):

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