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THIS  STORY has be so disturbed, I wanted to post it for the pure fact that I hope  this woman sees the  worst possible outcome possible. I want JUSTICE served!

26-year old  Amanda Catherine Hein, stands accused of killing her newborn after giving birth  to him in the bathroom of a sports bar. Instead of fleeing the scene of the  crime, this miserable piece of trash stayed at the bar to watch WWE Summer  Slam!!!

 She  allegedly gave birth to the baby in the bar bathroom, wrapped the ALIVE BABY in  a garbage bag and placed him in the toilet tank. She then went back to the bar  for another hour watching WWE.

The body of the newborn was found by bar staff after  they were having problems with that toilet later that night. Police discovered  the child suffocated and ruled the death a homicide. Hein is now in custody and  is facing the death penalty. - Mor Daily News