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New Rock For Little Rock

Matt Cruz


Gold Medalist, Jeff Henderson, Comes home to Arkansas!

Jeff Henderson got a great welcome home at the airport today!       
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Skillet performing LIVE at 100.3 The Edge #skilletmusic

Here's the Facebook Live video of Skillet performing here at the Edge for some lucky Edgeheads.  
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BLACK SABBATH: Iommi Says Cancer Is In Remission

  He revealed the news during a ceremony at the hospital where he's been treated for lymphoma since 2012. Tony Iommi says his cancer is in remission. The Black Sabbath...
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ROB ZOMBIE: Special Film Screening, With Videos

Rob Zombie will hold a special sneak preview screening of his new film, 31 , in theaters nationwide on September 1st. The event will include premieres for two new music videos, "The...
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SKILLET is stopping by THe Edge studio tomorrow. Wanna meet them?

Tomorrow is the day... Skillet is stopping by the Edge studio to hang out for a little bit. They'll play a few songs off their new release UNLEASHED and they'll take some pics and sign some...
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You need THIS to meet SKILLET in 2 days!

Skillet is coming to The Edge for a visit this Thursday.  No show... just to hang for a little bit.  They said we can invite a few Edgeheads to hang out and listen to a couple...
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SKILLET is Coming... if you are a Panhead, look here!

Skillet is coming to the Edge studios and I've been OK'd to invite a few Edgeheads to hang with the band! I'm looking for Edgeheads who are also BIG Panheads!  When I tell you to call...
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WATCH: Shinedown, Halestorm, and BSC Hang With Matt Cruz in Rogers, AR

On Tuesday, Jeff Cage sent me on a mission to go to Rogers, AR to hang with Shinedown, Halestorm, and Black Stone Cherry. Here's how my day unfolded as seen on Facebook Live. First, Cage...
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TOOL: Maynard Memoir on the Way

Maynard James Keenan  has always been one of the more mysterious figures in rock, but that should change this fall with the release of an authorized biography. The frontman of  Tool...
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Rob Zombie's new movie... 31

The first official trailer is out for Rob Zombie 's latest film, 31 , is out. The horror flick, which Zombie had to re-edit twice to get it from NC-17 to an R rating, will be in theaters on...
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