Today's Missing Links - February 2, 2017 - Thursday

  1. Here’s a face only a mother could love!
  2. Climbing Wind Turbines for a Living | That's Amazing - YouTube
  3. Woman claims she was kicked off Spirit flight for showing cleavage!
  4. Juneau police warn businesses to look out for fake 'Motion Picture Use Only' bills - Alaska Dispatch News
  5. Old man spends 40 years shaping his giant rooster bush, refuses to sell it for 100,000 yuan: Shanghaiist
  6. Budweiser makes immigration statement with new Super Bowl ad | Fox News Video
  7. Man shares moment mom battling dementia forgets who he is | Fox News
  8. 7 things to skip on a Carnival cruise ship | Fox News
  9. Watch: Hare fights back to stop from becoming bird's next meal -
  10. Watch: Cyclist survives bridge fall by catching ledge -
  11. Moscow Man Keeps A Lynx In His Flat - YouTube
  12. Look: Snake slithers into Oregon woman's pierced ear lobe -


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