Today's Missing Links - 05/01/17 - Monday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Honda introduces Miimo, first automated robot lawn mower | Fox News Video
  2. Delta defends pilot smacking brawling female passenger in video | Fox News
  3. A Man On A Bus Was Seen With A 30 Gallon Tub Of Cinnabon Frosting And People Have So Many Questions
  4. Pack Up + Go | A Surprise Travel Agency
  5. Armed robbery at KCMO Jimmy Johns caught on camera
  6. Thieves are stealing cars just by holding bags up to front doors | Metro News
  7. 'I got 2 clips!' Impatient mom pulls out gun, threatens barber c - - Columbia, South Carolina
  8. Max Sparber on Twitter: "Sure, you're goth, but are you dejectedly riding the subway with your raven goth?
  9. 'Aliens are on Venus and NASA could be covering it up' | Weird | News |
  10. 10 Egg Tricks - YouTube
  11. Revealing t-shirts unveiled to boost support for Putin | Daily Mail Online
  12. Obese monkey nicknamed 'Uncle Fatty' is seen in Thailand | Daily Mail Online


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