Today's Missing Links - August 2, 2017 - Wednesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Mysterious Bright White Glow Emerges Suddenly on GWB, Passes Over Span - NBC New York
  2. Car falls into water before boat Crimea docks | Daily Mail Online
  3. Someone Rounded Up All The Industries Millennials Are ‘Killing,’ And Here’s How Millennials Responded | Bored Panda
  4. Watch: Elephant steals potatoes from back of truck in India -
  5. Watch: Clever canine's kennel escape in China -
  6. Fashion-Forward Dog Tries To Reinvent A Snakey Old Trend
  7. Canadian Dad Attaches Lawn Mower To Tractor And Trims Hedges
  8. Watch: Driver goes too soon after train, truck tumbles -
  9. A Devastated Stephen Colbert Sings Farewell To The Mooch - YouTube


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