Today's Missing Links - September 12, 2017 - Tuesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Cracking The Code of Millennial Slang - Everything After Z by
  2. Okay: PETA does know how to get publicity for their causes!
  3. Watch: Man lowered deep into narrow well to rescue lamb -
  4. Good Citizens Band Together To Box In Careless Driver | RTM - RightThisMinute
  5. Stop missing out on cashback earnings on groceries and more
  6. Children Discover The Ancient Lost 'Cassette Tape' | RTM - RightThisMinute
  7. Jim Carrey Goes Crazy During Interview | RTM - RightThisMinute
  8. Cockatoo Throws Funny Tantrum When Her Owner Tells Her She Can't Have Donuts


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