Today's Missing Links - 9/25/17 - Monday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Texas teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with student | Fox News
  2. Sick vandals draw massive penis on Humpty Dumpty artwork in children’s playground | Metro News
  3. Chinese piglet born with one eye and a 'penis' on its head | Daily Mail Online
  4. Raccoon Jumps on Moving Colorado Police Van, Takes a Ride
  5. ‘Poopman’ strikes pair of car washes | New York Post
  6. California shooting: Second video shows suspect punching officer prior to gunfire | Fox News
  7. Watch: Squirrel interrupts Kent State-Louisville game with 'touchdown' sprint -
  8. Buddhist Teacher Who Requested His Body Be Exhumed Decades Later Shocks Spectators
  9. Nine-Foot Python Wraps Around Snake Catcher's Leg In South Africa


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