Today's Missing Links - 10/10/17 - Tuesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. This might just be the scariest Halloween decoration ever
  2. South Korea 'Blackout Bombs' Can Take Down Pyongyang Without Firing a Shot
  3. Here's A Giant Drunk Puppet Roaming The Streets Of An Irish City - Digg
  4. Miami Dolphins coach resigns after video appears to show him snorting cocaine | Fox News
  5. Thai restaurant instructs chef to make customer 'regret being born' | Fox News
  6. Watch: Shark gives 'warning' to diver after sea turtle escapes -
  7. Watch: Bear eats trash, man stages family photoshoot -
  8. Ex-Boyfriend Of Home Daycare Owner Shoots Into The Daycare And Sets Fire To The Home
  9. Hilarious Cross Stitch Designs That Will Make You Want To Pick Up A Needle
  10. Man steals ambulance from hospital, chase ensues
  11. New York Comic Con: See all the cosplay craziness


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