The Arkansas Edge Playlist - 11.12.17

Arkansas Edge 600

Hey local bands... Now you've got your shot at having your music played on the air. Sunday nights from 9p - 10p, it's The Arkansas Edge! We know there's a lot of great bands here in Arkansas and we're going to be playing tons of local music every Sunday night.


Email a link to to download a WAV file of your song (No MP3s, lossless files only). Put it on Dropbox or other file storage service and email the link to Jeff. Please remember not to send songs with foul language. All songs must be FCC approved for airplay.  Mark any songs that have questionable lyrics. Studio quality recordings only.

Or send your studio quality CD release to: KDJE Att: Jeff Cage 10800 Colonel Glenn Little Rock, AR 72204 

Submit your best stuff and listen to The Arkansas Edge on Sunday nights at 9pm for an hour of local Edge music.

Playlist for November 12, 2017

Broken Angel - JudgeMENTAL

Minimum Wage - Inner Party

Empire Sand - Abandin Arkansas

The Lighthouse - Recognizer

Great Horizon - She Breathes Fire

Come Over Here - Bombay Black

Pictures - All The Eyes

Trails - Centari

Dried Up and Burned Out - Those We Have Lost

We're Just The Same - Monsterboy

All My Friends (Are Dead Inside) - Casual Pleasures

Orange Lily - Hell Camino

Untune The Sky - Mourning View

Strange Science - Latest Dying Republic

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