Today's Missing Links - 01/05/18 - Friday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. 12-Year-Old Golden Retriever Surprised With New Puppy Friend On Christmas
  2. Bill Maher slammed for mocking Al Franken groping pic | Fox News
  3. This Fisherman Photographs Everything He Reels In And It's Entirely Terrifying
  4. This Brainiac Thought It Would Be A Brilliant Idea To Shove His Hand In A Stream Of Molten Metal
  5. How To Not Drive Your Car - YouTube
  6. Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded - YouTube
  7. US Army war simulator modified to prepare teachers for school shootings - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  8. Watch: Sharks swim directly toward young swimmer in Bahamas -
  9. Watch: Man saves camera from being stolen by monkey -


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