Today's Missing Links - 03/20/18 - Tuesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Strange sea creature washes ashore on Georgia beach | WJAX-TV
  2. Jesse James jackpot: Outlaw photo bought on eBay for $10 could be worth $2 million | Fox News
  3. Students are sneaking discreet new e-cigarette that looks like thumb drive | Fox News
  4. N.J. municipal judge gets arrested for DWI - YouTube
  5. Watch: Woman drives car despite severe fire damage -
  6. Watch: Theft suspects busted trying to flee through emergency exit -
  7. - Motorcyclists is killed when pulling out into traffic and in front of a car
  8. What the Hell is Wrong with THIS GUY?
  9. Watch burglar get stuck allegedly trying to break into bookstore


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