Today's Missing Links - 04/17/18 - Tuesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Amazon sells children's clothes emblazoned with 'enjoy cocaine' | Daily Mail Online
  2. Three boozy girls pulled apart by easyJet cabin crew in a fight at 30,000ft
  3. Air China flight diverts after passenger took stewardess hostage | Daily Mail Online
  4. Awkward! Pop Star Forgets National Anthem Lyrics & Has to Start Over... Twice | Fox News Insider
  5. McDonald’s manager apologizes for slapping customer, says woman threw coffee at her first | Fox News
  6. Hardee's puts giant 'crop burger' in Nashville-area field | Fox News
  7. Watch: Dash cam catches tire's crash into windshield -
  8. Woman's quick thinking saved her life when she walked in front of a dump truck
  9. Gun T-shirt artist says both sides in controversy missing the point
  10. 20 products with a cult following on Amazon, and why they're worth it


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