Today's Missing Links - 04/26/18 - Thursday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Customer in cowboy hat helps thwart armed robbery at Monterrey butcher shop | Fox News
  2. Package Thief Realizes He’s On Video, Tries to Take Doorbell Camera | FOX40
  3. Would you risk hooking up with this woman if you knew she might stab you?
  4. Prankster pushes monkey into a pond – but animal turns round and attacks him
  5. Fight breaks out behind Burger King counter at restaurant in Wisconsin | Fox News
  6. Neighbors all paint their homes bright colors, say it boosts their mood | Fox News
  7. Florida fisherman catches 120-pound ‘granddaddy of all catfish' | Fox News
  8. Watch: Car loses its load of cargo due to low clearance -
  9. Baby On Balcony Causes Panic | RTM - RightThisMinute


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