Today's Missing Links - 05/16/18 - Wednesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Could a security camera have captured an Angel? | WPBN
  2. South Carolina man famous for wearing chicken suit cited for wrestling alligator
  3. Pulling Off The Most Incredible Flips Over Speeding Train | RTM - RightThisMinute
  4. 14-year-old hunter's encounter with bear cub goes viral | Fox News
  5. Miss Bumbum’s first transgender contestants spark backlash | Fox News
  6. Watch: Guinness recognizes world's largest inflatable obstacle course -
  7. Watch: Cardboard Danny DeVito escorts senior to her prom -
  8. Magician Pulls Wine From A Popped Balloon - Joins RTM | RTM - RightThisMinute
  9. Mom's So Surprised To See Son She Passes Out | RTM - RightThisMinute


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