Today's Missing Links - 05/17/18 - Thursday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. High-End Jeweler Unveils New Pendant Design That Looks A Lot Like a Vagina!
  2. Giving Strangers the Xbox One - YouTube
  3. Irate lady defecates in Tim Horton's (Langley, BC), flings it at staff
  4. The Next Big Fashion Look - Uh, Huh…..
  5. Watch 500,000 termites chew through a tiny house in just two months | Fox News
  6. Kent State graduate carries AR-10 on campus in viral photos
  7. Bar employees yank snake from ceiling fan in front of screaming patrons | Fox News
  8. Nanny cam catches creepy intruder exposing himself as baby, mom slept | Fox News
  9. Man raging at lunch-counter workers for speaking Spanish, saying he'll 'call ICE,' goes viral | Fox News
  10. New airless tire prototype may mean the end of bike pumps forever
  11. John Travolta explains his viral dance moment with rapper 50 Cent


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