Today's Missing Links 06/26/18 - Tuesday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Chilling photo shows endangered wildlife pulled out from inside stomach of just ONE feral cat
  2. American woman flies 4,000 miles to UK to tell pal "you're it" in epic game of international tag - Mirror Online
  3. Inside the bizarre world of the real life ‘vampire king and queen’ who have fangs, drink blood and are polyamorous (but hate Twilight)
  4. NASA's new picture of Jupiter is stunning and 'turbulent' at the same time, like a Van Gogh painting | Fox News
  5. Woman seen doing yoga on edge of crumbling cliff | Fox News
  6. 143 mph police chase posted to YouTube gets man 1-year motorcycle ban | Fox News
  7. How long meat lasts in the fridge | Fox News - You might be surprised!
  8. Watch: Horse rides in homemade motorcycle side car -
  9. Watch: Forklift delivers driver to the door of his car in flood -
  10. Watch: Iguanas fight in Starbucks parking lot -


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