Today's Missing Links - 09/07/18 - Friday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Our Old Pal the Low-Ass 11-Foot-8 Bridge Dishes Out Hard Street Justice to a Red Light Runner
  2. MIRROR - New tech for working out with virtual trainer
  3. Gardener grows VERY rude looking radish in his allotment- and his wife isn't impressed with its size
  4. Caught on Camera: Electric Doormat Effectively Scares Away Bear | FOX40
  5. Naked intruder broke into teenager's bedroom in California, caught on surveillance video | Fox News
  6. California woman crashes through restaurant ceiling after asking to use the bathroom | Fox News
  7. Watch: Big alligator strolls across golf course in Florida -
  8. Watch: Men walk on roof of moving house, lift stop light
  9. Watch: Man breaks Guinness record for breaking walnuts with head -
  10. Only 5 people out of thousands have finished this burger challenge


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