Today's Missing Links - 11/09/18 - Friday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.) 

  1. Pantless Man Falls Through Ceiling at Waffle House And it's Caught on Video
  2. WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Hundreds of buffalo drown in desperate attempt to escape lions
  3. Instagram influencer who lost 312 lbs. has 7 lbs. of excess skin removed
  4. Chinese man chops through 100 bricks in 37 seconds
  5. Man converts motorcycle into fully enclosed vehicle 
  6. Metallica watches have arrived!
  7. Insane motorcycle stunt sends rider flying
  8. Tiny Dog Jumps Vertically Up and Down In Order to Find Out What’s Going On With His Friend at the Vet
  9. A History of the Sculpted Facial Prosthetics Used to Disguise Soldiers’ Horrific Facial Injuries in WWI


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