Five Finger Death Punch and The Edge Honor Local Veteran

US Army Specialist WIlliam J. Plasencia was honored by Five Finger Death Punch Saturday night at Verizon Arena. Singer Ivan Moody introduced The Edge's Jeff Cage and Matt Cruz who brought on his mother, Skyla Sunrise, to have "Gone Away" dedicated to her son and to remember all of our Veterans and service men and women serving our country. 

Here's the front of house video which includes the song dedication to William.

Here's the onstage footage that Matt Cruz shot while on stage.

Here's the front of house footage shot from Brittany Lenda on Facebook.  It was a real honor to pay tribute to William J. Plasencia. 

Ivan even honored Will by using his name in the song "Gone Away" which he had dedicated to the soldier. 

After the show, Ivan Moody talked about the night including the moment when Skyla was on stage with The Edge to honor William.

Here's the tribute video Sklya created for her son William.

This is a letter and a tribute video for my son, Specialist William James Plasencia in the US Army, he was the number one cannoneer on his howitzer. He had been enlisted for 2 years and had just reenlisted for five years, he was a bad ass and planned on kicking ass! He got to come home early and had an accident and passed away on June 28th, he was only 20, now he's 20 forever. I was absolutely amazed and touched by the love of his  brothers in the Army. Almost his entire platoon, including his Captain, came from Fort Hood,Texas to Arkansas for the funeral, burial, and interment. He had so many brothers and sisters in the service that loved him and still do, it was just simply amazing. They had us come to Fort Hood the next week for a memorial, which was AMAZING, so very honored! They even gave him a Cavalry hat and so many other memorabilia. I received letters from the top army chiefs and amazing letters from his Captain and Lt Col, after he passed. I'm still in touch with his good buddies in the Army. He loved 5FDP, carried his wallet since meet and greet in 2014. So his friend from the Army helped me make this tribute video for you guys!!! VIP again December 1 in hopes that you will recognize him, since you love soldiers and kids and he was both!! See ya soon!  Knucklehead forever! He was a bad ass and now he's our badass guardian angel! Rest in Peace, my love, until we meet again. Thank you Ashley Lauren for making this for us and Five Finger Death Punch!  Home of the free because of the brave! Army strong! 3-16 FA 1st Cavalry 13Bravo! Til Valhalla! Rest Easy! Fly high!

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