Today's Missing Links - 12/06/18 - Thursday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Classic 1973 BBC Documentary Featuring the Antics of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club London Chapter
  2. Hilarious Prank Gift Boxes Printed With Items of Questionable Taste That Hide the Real Gift Inside
  3. French Bulldog Escape Artist Leaps Onto the Top of Her Enclosure Then Over Safety Gate to the Other Side
  4. Buttress Pillow: People in Japan go crazy for life-sized huggy butt cushion | SoraNews24
  5. California man’s face transplant cost $1.5 million, medical center says | Fox News
  6. Steelers fan chokes pregnant Chargers fan at game, photos and video show | Fox News
  7. Hawaiian monk seal with eel stuck in nose caught on camera in 'rare' sighting | Fox News
  8. Driver caught with hilariously large Christmas tree on top of van | Fox News
  9. Australian couple's gender reveal stunt backfires when car catches fire | Fox News
  10. Watch: Flying trash can collides with car on freeway -


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