Today's Missing Links - 01/04/19 - Friday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Virginia woman with unique face tattoos pleads no contest after allegedly threatening to blow up a 7-Eleven | Fox News
  2. Army targets snowflakes, selfie addicts and phone zombies in recruitment push | Metro News
  3. Mass brawl breaks out in Scots nightclub as ABBA blares in background as lads wade into scrap
  4. 'I am over it!': Pastor goes viral after tumble on trampoline in last sermon of 2018 | Fox News
  5. Madonna body-shamed: 'Looks like someone got butt implants'
  6. Watch: Squirrel noshes on egg roll in New York tree -
  7. Watch: Tourist's purse snatched by hungry elephant -
  8. Watch: Deer freed from resident's hammock in Missouri -
  9. Watch: Paraglider carried away by dust devil


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