Today's Missing Links - 01/17/19 - Thursday

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Driver spots women dancing on SUV on I-64 near St. Louis Science Center |
  2. Dugite spotted eating huge lizard on Western Australian beach
  3. Watch: Nike Air Max 1 shoes feature 'grass' design
  4. Watch: Installation blasts Toto's 'Africa' in Namibian desert -
  5. - Woman on her cellphone gets reversed over by a truck
  6. What Happens When Flying a Drone Inside an Elevator
  7. Woman Without Arms or Legs Shows How She Folds Laundry and Performs Other Household Tasks
  8. Fiber Never Tasted So Funny | RTM - RightThisMinute
  9. 'Scuse Me, I'd Like Some Service & What Do You Mean The Bowl Is Empty?! | RTM - RightThisMinute


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