Today's Missing Links - 03/04/19 - Thousands of Crows Invade Walmart Lot!

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Mom flaunts bikini body after 137-pound weight loss | Fox News
  2. The Mind-Blowing Facial Illusions of Romanie-Jade Tulloch
  3. Massive 700-pound alligator in Georgia discovered in irrigation ditch | Fox News
  4. Right out of a horror movie! Crows invade Walmart parking lot as shoppers watch in amazement | Daily Mail Online
  5. Holy shhhhieeet - Album on Imgur
  6. ‘RATATOUILLE?’ Video shows seagull swallowing rat in Boston | Ottawa Sun
  7. Watch: Dog falls from bridge, gets stranded on ledge -
  8. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Looks Very Silly Without Special Effects
  9. Dude autotunes his cat meowing and the results are perfect
  10. Watch: Driver slams into rear of snowplow in ‘dangerous,’ whiteout conditions in Juneau County |


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