UPDATE: Aranda Drummer Mike Walker Allegedly Murdered by Son over Satanism

Aranda drummer Mike Walker who played with the band for 15 years has died. The Oklahoma band announced the news to fans last night in a Facebook post. Aranda features brother Damien and Gabe Aranda who gained fame with several rock hits and their energetic live shows. The band provided no details as to how both Mike Walker and his wife Rachel died but according to Oklahoma police, they responded to the couple's home after their son called police and said that his parents suffered gunshot wounds. A gun was found in the home and their son Michael Elijah Walker was arrested on murder charges. See more from News 9 in Oklahoma City.

UPDATE: Acorrding to NewsOK, Michael Elijah Walker killed his parents after arguing about Satanism. From a police affidavit, we've learned that Isaiah Walker, the couple's 17 year old son, said that his older brother had told him that he killed his folks "because they were sending him messages telepathically and they were Satan worshippers," said police.

NewsOK also reports, "Walker told police he began arguing with his parents in his bedroom, where the pistol was sitting beside him on the bed. He said his father grabbed him on the bed and said, “Give me the gun.”

Walker told detectives he “would react the same way if he had to do it over again,” according to the affidavit. He said in the police interview that neither of his parents harmed him at all." (NewsOK)

Here are the 911 recordings from Monday March 4 that were released by the Edmond police.

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