Today's Missing Links - 03/12/19 - See the Marvel Universe w/o the Effects

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Huge snake eats another snake that was attacking a rat: 'Crazy turn of events' | Fox News
  2. Video of fisherman throwing explosive at sea lions prompts debate on social media | Fox News
  3. Man going on all-beer diet for Lent and Documenting it on YouTube
  4. Watch: Camel dances in back of bus on Florida highway -
  5. Incredible before and after photos show brides who are unrecognisable in wedding make-up - Mirror Online
  6. Goodyear Aero - A two-in-one tire for the autonomous, flying cars of the future. - YouTube
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Looks Very Silly Without Special Effects
  8. Inside the Essex shop selling pickled human body parts, flesh and animal skulls - Mirror Online


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