Today's Missing Links - 03/19/19 - What Ever Happened to 14 Viral People?

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. How about a hole in both your ears? Check out this body modification!
  2. Shocking video shows a group of bikini-clad women having a HUGE fight in Miami during Spring Break | Daily Mail Online
  3. GRAPHIC IMAGES: Disgusting' 88-lb mass of plastic bags found in dead whale's stomach | Fox News Video
  4. Paraglider's close call with swooping vulture -
  5. Wild boar falls off house roof in Chinese city -
  6. Resort holds Downhill Dummy ski jump contest
  7. Cow runs loose through Indiana roads
  8. Deer rescued from soccer net in New York state
  9. Here's What Your Favorite Internet Celebrities Look Like Now


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