Today's Missing Links - 03/29/19 - Strongman Eats the Entire Taco Bell Menu

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Teen turns prosthetic arm into glitter-shooting unicorn horn | WGN-TV
  2. 'Worst' airline passenger has meltdown over not being served Pepsi: 'She looked like a demon' | Fox News
  3. Toledo news station WTOL's teen slang broadcast goes viral - The Washington Post
  4. Cleveland woman calls 911 to report ‘nasty and raw’ chicken gyro
  5. Mother bear and cubs killed illegally - YouTube
  6. Turkish man holding umbrella lifted almost 13 feet in air by blustering winds, shocking video shows | Fox News
  7. Horrific photo shows teacher’s tongue ‘EATEN AWAY’ after downing six energy drinks a day
  8. Strongman eats entire Taoo Bell Menu


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