Today's Missing Links - 04/03/19 - Another Meat-Activist Taunts Vegans!

(Note: Always scroll to end of article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Marietta police respond to viral video showing officers punch man in face at IHOP |
  2. Dash cam video shows moment man steals Beachwood police cruiser |
  3. Stanley Robotics Debuts the World's First Outdoor Robotic Valet Parking Service in Lyon, France
  4. Watch: Brutal brawl caught on video at a fast food restaurant in England | Fox News Video
  5. Anti-vegan protester eats decapitated squirrel at vegan market | Fox News
  6. Moose takes a ride on ice in North Dakota -
  7. Stolen stove fell from pickup truck in Pennsylvania
  8. The Profound Effect Transgender Artists Have on Music
  9. Colorized Historical Footage of London in 1967
  10. Compassionate Diver Pets Sharks Like They're Dogs


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