Today's Missing Links - 06/25/19 - Don't Look: Crow Looks Like Gorilla!

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Preschooler Tells Teacher to ‘Shut The F**k Up’ During Graduation Ceremony | Rare
  2. Japanese Mother Pig Costume Dances Around with Multiple Boobies
  3. Watch internet nutjob play Slipknot's Psychosocial on a machine gun | Louder
  4. Mum wears bin liner on night out as she'd 'look good in a trash bag' | Metro News
  5. Gorilla Crow: There's a Video of a Crow That Looks like a Gorilla on Twitter and It's Everything You Imagine
  6. Watch: Zoo worker dresses in lion costume for escape drill -
  7. Graphic video captures shootout that killed Sacramento police officer
  8. What do you see in this photo? The answer reveals something about your personality - Mirror Online
  9. Inside the festival where real life British vampires go to drink each other’s blood before heading to kinky sex parties


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