Today's Missing Links - 07/22/19 - Nutcase Decides to Climb During Takeoff!

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Nothing like starting the week off with a fake spider prank!
  2. GoPro Captures Turkish Vendor Performing Sleight of Hand Tricks While Delivering an Ice Cream Cone
  3. That Moment When Being Polite Gets Awkward | RTM - RightThisMinute
  4. Creature Performer Edd Osmond Explains What It Was Like Playing the 'Dumbo' Live-Action Stand-In
  5. Indian woman gives birth to three-headed baby leaving doctors in shock - Daily Star
  6. Skin-crawling bed bug footage | Daily Mail Online
  7. 'Happy Birthday Loser' 2-year-old has hilarious reaction to cake mix-up - Story | WOFL
  8. Man jumps on plane wing as it prepares for takeoff - CNN
  9. Top 10 Disney Secrets Illusions & Tricks Explained - YouTube


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