Today's Missing Links - 07/23/19 - Shark Bites Kid's Fish Right off Line!

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. Devon police chase reveller dressed in a dinosaur costume in hilarious video | Daily Mail Online
  2. - Man ejected out of a tricycle when struck by a drunk driver
  3. Gunman's weapon jams twice as he tries to shoot woman, NYPD video shows | Fox News
  4. Watch: More than 1,000 attempt 'Baby Shark' dance record in Canada
  5. Watch: Bear makes a mess in Vermont couple's kitchen
  6. Watch: Great white shark jumps out of water to steal fish from line -
  7. - Driver suffers a heart attack and crashes into a ditch
  8. - Truck Carrying An Excavator Go Down Hill


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