Today's Missing Links - 07/30/19 - Woman on Rollercoaster Hit by Bird!

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. WhenHub - Search for Celebrity Video Advisors
  2. Hot Springs business owners question mental state of officer involved shooting suspect | KATV
  3. Lady gets hit by bird while on roller coaster!
  4. Watch: Bull with horns set aflame escapes enclosure in Spain -
  5. - My Neighbors start a Fight and get Arrested
  6. A Personal Air Conditioner that you wear!
  7. Watch: Man stacks 30 bars of wet soap in one minute for world record -
  8. Watch: Tram surfer caught on camera in Melbourne, Australia
  9. Converting a foam filled room on a 1939 Goodwin Sands Light Ship into an office space for the onboard recording studio.
  10. - Flushing, Queens fight includes a guitar being used a weapon (Note: N Word used)


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