Today's Missing Links - 08/06/19 - Hysterical Dem. Socialist Convention

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. 'Wobbly' UFO Filmed Over Mexico. Do Aliens Drive Drunk? (Video) - Communal News
  2. TSA stops traveler with flowers containing hidden knife | Fox News
  3. Fishing accident leaves 11-year-old with hook in his eyelid | Fox News
  4. Watch: Cheesemakers create 6,700 pounds of poutine for world record -
  5. Watch: Longhorn runs into Colorado building during cattle drive through city -
  6. 16 Regular Dogs That Look So Much Like Celebs It's Crazy
  7. - What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like...
  8. - Female cop saves man from being lynched from rival team supporters


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