Ex-Kiss Guitarist Vinnie Vincent Finally Follows Through On An Apperance

Chiller Theatre Expo Spring 2018

Former KISS guitarist and collaborator Vinnie Vincent's comeback couldn't have gone worse, after he essentially canceled three comeback attempts in six months.

The mercurial shredder's 30-year hiatus ended over a year-and-a-half ago when he began working the fan expo circuit in 2018, promising over and over again that he would return to playing live with a band.

After postponing, rescheduling and then cancelling his comeback shows with childhood friend and drum legend Carmine Appice — who offered a fascinating recollection of working with Vincent on the setlist — Vincent attempted to rebrand and rebook the shows as an astronomically-priced event called "Speedballjamm" with a new band.

But that also didn't happen.

Anyone who still cares will be surprised to learn Vincent actually followed through with a recent appearance...it was his own birthday party and was advertised sparingly via his website and Facebook page. One photo making the rounds today appears to show Vincent in a nearly empty room, but accounts purportedly from the event suggest it was a success.

Before the event, Vincent suggested that he was keeping it small this time to avoid the "relentless Internet bullying mobs of hate-filled lunatics" who are out to "sabotage" his reputation.

There aren't many photos circulating of the party, but some indeed show Vincent smiling with fans and suggest that he did sign autographs and perform electric. Admission reportedly cost $300, including photos and autographs. Some fan forum comments suggest the event lasted several hours and that Vincent even lingered beyond closing time, so it would seem people who actually attended felt like they got their money's worth.

If Vincent's birthday wish was to have a career again, this seems like a good start.