Today's Missing Links - 08/13/19 - Most Environmentally Conscious Monkey!

(Note: Always scroll through article if video is not immediately present.)

  1. It’s happened again. Video shows figures leaving vintage TVs on Henrico front porches |
  2. Nightclub flood: Man swings from pipe before water cascades down | Adelaide Now
  3. This might be the best traffic hack ever!
  4. I Drive My DeLorean With A Remote Control | RIDICULOUS RIDES - YouTube
  5. Man undergoes emergency surgery after dentures found lodged in throat days following procedure | Fox News
  6. Environmentally-friendly monkey goes viral | Fox News
  7. Maine drivers stop to let 45 ducks cross road during rush-hour commute | Fox News
  8. Watch: Kingsnake swallows 10 inches of its own tail in Pennsylvania
  9. Watch: Idaho man sets Guinness record for juggling basketballs
  10. Watch: Maine police officers rescue skunk with head stuck in McFlurry cup -


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