Tom Morello Discusses Why Prophets Of Rage's Political Side Is So Important

Prophets Of Rage Perform At The Hollywood Palladium

Tom Morello knows that a lot of Prophets of Rage fans weren't even born yet when Rage Against the Machine broke up, but it doesn't seem to matter — they're still playing festival sets to hundreds of thousands of people. That aspect of the project is exhilarating to the guitarist, who feels in his element when playing for large crowds; however, there's a bigger reason why Prophets of Rage exists. They're here to use their voices for change, in a time when protest music isn't running the airwaves. Morello recently chatted with Rock Sound about the band's explosive live shows and why their political side is so important.

"Of course, there’s certainly a dearth of [protest music] at the top of the charts, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, and that it’s not providing the service that protest music has always done," he said. "That’s to make people who feel the same way feel less alone, to put wind in the sails of grassroots movements, people who aren’t interviewed in magazines but work every single f**king day to try and make a more just and decent planet. I see them every day, at every show. I see them at the grocery store. It really does connect, it does matter. It helps steel the spine of people who are fighting for a better planet. That’s true whether it’s at the top of the charts, in a room of 2,000 people or in front of 220,000. We’re musicians first and foremost and the craft of rocking your a** is something we take very seriously! This isn’t a dry college lecture. I’m going out there to blow your mind to the best of my ability, we’re going to try to kick your f**king a**. Heaven help you if you’re playing after us on the bill, that’s the way I look at it!"

Prophets of Rage are currently playing festival shows in Europe. Last week, Morello shared a photo on Instagram of a German apartment building his mom lived in 70 years ago. When he's done touring with the band, Morello plans to head out on a solo tour of North America. Check out a full list of dates on his official website.

Photo: Getty Images