9 Most Iconic Blink-182 Music Videos Of All Time

Today (September 20) marks the release of blink-182's eighth studio album NINE, and while we could talk about the band's latest collection of songs and what the future holds, we're feeling a little nostalgic. Instead, we'd like to take a walk down memory lane and revisit the trio's most memorable visuals. Admittedly, nothing on this list features post-Tom DeLonge videos (sorry Matt Skiba, we promise we still love you) but we wanted to choose nine in celebration of the new album, and blink just has too much material to choose from.

From naked jogs through the city and epic '70s alter egos to showing their serious side for the first time ever, these are the nine most iconic blink-182 music videos of all time.


It's really weird to see blink-182 sans Travis Barker, but for the first six years of their career the pop punk veterans played with drummer Scott Raynor. With their founding rhythm man, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge paved the way for the massive success they would see in the late '90s (and beyond), and in the process filmed the hilarious video for one of their first big singles, "Dammit." The visuals see the trio go to the movies, where Mark runs into his ex-girlfriend. Slapstick antics ensue.

Adam's Song

After getting famous for their goofy personas, blink decided to show a more serious side of themselves on 1999's Enema of the State with the mental health anthem "Adam's Song." The single's corresponding music video shows the subtle side of depression, as snapshots of the band in various locales reveal someone in the background who could use some help.


2003's self-titled album saw a more emo side of blink-182, but that doesn't mean they weren't still a bunch of goofballs. The video for "Always" is the perfect example of how they meshed their newfound thoughtfulness with their classic shenanigans. The clip is a little jarring as the screen splits three ways, portraying three different love stories. While Mark and Tom can't seem to win and continually get blown off, Travis gets the girl in the end.

Stay Together For The Kids

After the success of "Adam's Song," blink decided to include another serious song on their 2001 album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, this time addressing the effects of divorce on teenagers. The video for "Stay Together For The Kids" quite literally portrays a broken home. The band plays in abandoned house as it's getting demolished with a wrecking ball, while teens display their frustrations through moshing. Unfortunately, since releasing the song Travis has been divorced twice and Tom recently filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years.

The Rock Show

What happens when you give a pop punk band $500,000 to make a music video? A whole bunch of debauchery, that's what.

I Miss You

Despite being a constant subject of memes and jokes, "I Miss You" is blink at peak emo, and its gothic music video shows that the band can be genuinely serious and artsy. Also, fun fact: with over 236 million hits on YouTube, this is the band's most-viewed video ever.

First Date

Who could forget Boomer, Spaulding, and Travis? The band's '70s alter egos are so iconic that Tom recently said he wants his character to have his own beer brand (and for the record, we're so onboard with that idea).

All The Small Things

Blink-182 rose to stardom at the same time as the boy band craze was going on, so naturally they had to make a music video spoofing Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and NSYNC. Twenty years later, and "All The Small Things" is just as hilarious.

What's My Age Again?

It's hard to think about blink-182 without picturing Mark, Tom, and Travis jogging around the city in nothing more than shoes and socks. And the nurse scene: SO ICONIC! But you really can't unsee that uncensored butt shot at the end, as much as you try to block it out of your memory.

Photo: YouTube

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