Mumford & Sons Tease New Song With Cryptic Post

It looks like a new Mumford & Sons song is heading our way.

On Monday (October 21), the band took to social media to post a 14-second clip from a live show as a clue to the song. “Well, we finally got around to finishing a song that we wrote a few years ago… didn't get to finish in time to put on Delta,” Marcus Mumford said over the static video.

In the caption, the band wrote, “ɿoɿɿim ɘʜɈ ni ʞɔυɈƨ ƨ'noiɈɒɿɘnɘϱ γM” which facing correctly is, “My generation's stuck in the mirror.” You'll also notice a hashtag at the end that can be flipped to be #BLTB.

As many die hard fans figured out and commented on Instagram and Twitter, the song in question seems to be “Blind Leading The Blind.” It's a track Mumford & Sons have been playing live for over two years and as recently as two weeks ago. As you could have guessed, the caption is a lyric from the song.

For now, the band has not given fans any information about a release date, but we can hopefully expect it this week — fingers crossed.

Mumford & Sons are currently touring their new album, Delta, and have added some more dates to the trek. They are also celebrating their first album; Sigh No More with a special EP, Sigh No More Sessions, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the record. Sigh No More Sessions is a five-track collection that features live renditions of the album's title track, “Little Lion Man,” “Thistle & Weeds,” “White Blank Page,” and “Timshel.”

Photo: Greg Noire