JetBlue's Impossible Security Question Labeled 'Savage' By Twitter

Like most airlines, JetBlue offers a loyalty program to its frequent fliers. It's called TrueBlue and any passenger is welcome to sign up for it. As with most online enrollments, along with providing your name, address and some other information, TrueBlue asks you to set up a couple security questions in case you forget your password. They offer the usual options like "What is the name of your favorite pet?" and "What is your mother's maiden name?" but they also seem to include one that is a very difficult question to answer: "What is the name of your favorite child?"

A Twitter user noticed the impossible question and tweeted out a photo of it, writing, "JetBlue savage for this."

It turns out, the question is actually "What is the name of your favorite childhood friend?" but the way it gets cut off makes it look like the airline is asking parents to make a really tough decision. Plenty of people online had a field day with it writing things like "JetBlue going all Sophie's Choice on us," and, "Can it be someone else's kid? Mine aren't all that."

The airline even jokingly responded to the tweet, writing, "Say it. You know you have one." No word on if they plan to change how the childhood friend question appears on their website.

Photo: Getty Images