Greta Van Fleet Hope To Release Their Sophomore Album Early Next Year

Greta Van Fleet have made it clear for months that they're working on their sophomore album and plan on releasing it ASAP. Now, frontman Josh Kiszka is divulging more information on just when (and what) we can expect from the follow up to Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

“It’s intended to be a full release, a full album,” he told Kerrang! in a recent interview. “For about two months in the heart of the summer of this year we really poured everything into the writing and recording, and we’re hoping that sometime earlier next year we’ll be able to put it out. We’re super excited about it.”

When asked if the band felt like it had something to prove with this release, Kiszka was candid. “Honestly, the way that we approach our music is that we’re writing it for anybody who has any reason to listen to it [laughs]. We’re creating something simply for the sake of making a work of art that we’re proud of, that we ourselves like to listen to," he said. "I don’t think we set out to prove anything, particularly, but to point out some things about the world and our society. There are some of those elements to this album. And it’s the next step I think, in the evolution and the sound of this band.”

Since putting out their debut record last year, Greta Van Fleet have been touring nonstop. They just wrapped up the European leg of their March of the Peaceful Army tour and will hopefully be able to enjoy some well-deserved downtime before beginning to promote the new album.

Photo: Travis Shinn