Arkansas Edge Playlist for August 9, 2020

KDJE Arkansas Edge Thumb 2018

KDJE Arkansas Edge Thumb 2018

Hey local bands... Now you've got your shot at having your music played on the air. Sunday nights from 9p - 10p, it's The Arkansas Edge! We know there's a lot of great bands here in Arkansas and we're going to be playing tons of local music every Sunday night.


To submit a song for The Arkansas Edge, load your song onto Dropbox or another file service, and send a link to download your WAV file to . Please do not upload MP3 files or converted MP3 to WAV files as they will not be accepted. Please only send a link to download mixed and mastered WAV files from the original recording source.

Also, please include an ISRC codeand aband bio or EPK . You get an ISRC when you make your music available on iTunes and other streaming services. We can’t play your song unless you have an ISRC code. If you need to register for a code, go here:

Already have an ISRC code but can’t remember it? Go here to search for it:

Or send your studio quality CD release to: KDJE Att: Matt Cruz 2612 S. Shackleford Rd. Suite B, Little Rock, AR 72205

Submit your best stuff and listen to The Arkansas Edge on Sunday nights at 9pm for an hour of local Edge music.

*** The Arkansas Edge is a local band showcase for Arkansas musicians only. Submission does not guarantee airplay.

Playlist for August 9, 2020

Desperate Plea - JudgeMENTAL

Cool Blue - Sonic Fuzz

Vertigo - Hell Camino

Angel - Luke Shoemaker

Guiser - One-Eyed Owlvy

Petty - Truth Untold

Worthless Coward - Anchor The Appetite

Nobody Listens - Solidify

Amphetamine - Digital Down

Bella - Illusionaut

Friction - Revolutioners

Breathe - Jenny K

Curse of the Black Pearl - Census

Impaired - Slick Grip

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