Tenacious D Unveil The Who 'Tommy' Medley 20 Years In The Making

For the third year in a row Tenacious D is unleashing a classic cover in the name of an important cause.

Following their cover of "Time Warp" in 2020 and their Beatles medley in 2021, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are tackling The Who's classic album Tommy in a medley to benefit Everytown For Gun Safety, an organization dedicated to ending gun violence in America.

"Who better to deliver a tribute to the greatest rock opera of all times? Who? The D! That's Who!!" the duo said in a statement. "We've been working on this medley for 20 years. It's finally ready to be unleashed. Crank it. It's a humdinger. Enjoy."

Check it out via the player above.

Go here to order the 7" vinyl to support Everytown for Gun Safety.

Tenacious D will kick off its 2022 tour June 16. The band has tour dates announced in June and September. Get all the dates here.

But Black and Gass aren't just out to save the world with music. The pair have also collaborated with NuGo Nutrition on a new, limited edition line a fiber bars, to help the world go better.

"The world is so constipated right now. Never fear. Tenacious D to the rescue! Our new fiber bar is so Delicious and chock full of colon cleansing fiber ... you will be dropping perfectly tapered Deuces in no time! You're welcome, world! Enjoy."

NuGo Fiber D'Lish is available here.

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