The Top Five Coolest Movie Scenes of All Time

The coolest death scene ever. Bill gets waxed by the Bride and takes the time to tell her she’s his favorite person before adjusting his jacket and pimp walking to his death. Now that’s how you do it, David Carradine. (From BroBible)

This scene was so cool it pretty much single-handedly won Kevin Spacey an Oscar. Watching Spacey’s pathetic gimp Verbal Kint transform into the ultra-badass Keyser Soze is just, well, it’s just damn cool. “And like that… he’s gone.” Chills. (From BroBible)

If I have to tell you why this is cool, well… (From BroBible)

Confronted by a master swordsman, our man Indy just wearily whips out a pistol and shoots him dead. Apparently, this whole scene was Harrison Ford’s idea which pretty much makes him the coolest dude ever. (From BroBible)

After two whole movies of will they, won’t they bickering/flirting, Leia finally tells Han Solo that she loves him just as he’s being led off to a life of frozen agony. His response? “I know.” I told you, the coolest cat in the galaxy. Also, yet again, this line was apparently Harrison Ford’s idea, which means that he’s personally responsible for both the conception and the execution of the two coolest movie moments ever. I wish he was my dad. Want even more awesome movie scenes? To see all 50 go to

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