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Little Rock Zoo's Trudy now world's oldest gorilla

Little Rock Zoo's Trudy now world's oldest gorilla |                                                                                                             

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Little Rock Zoo is now home to the world's oldest gorilla in captivity.

Due the unfortunate passing of Colo, the first gorilla ever born in captivity, the title of oldest known gorilla in the world goes to Trudy.

Trudy, a Western Lowland Gorilla, has lived at the Little Rock Zoo since 1988 after residing at the St. Louis and Buffalo zoos.

Since Trudy was born in the wild, her exact birth date is unknown but the zoo said that she will turn 61-years-old in June of this year. In 1957, Trudy was brought from Africa as an infant to the United States which is now a practice no longer allowed.

Daphne, a zookeeper at the Little Rock Zoo, has worked with Trudy the past 18 years. She said it is rare for a gorilla to reach the early 60's.

"In zoos, it would not be unusual into the 40's, upper 40's and going into the lower 50's," she said. "To reach 60 that is very unusual."

Because of her age, Trudy has developed arthritis. Although she hates her medication, zookeepers have found an interesting way to give her the medication. Trudy loves sweet foods like bananas, strawberries, and watermelons, so they use that as a way to give her her medicine.

Trudy doesn't mind the occasional peanut butter sandwich too and we don't mind them either, but she's not a fan out being outside if the sun is not out.

"She doesn't like cloudy days," Daphne admitted. "She will take a peek out the door. If she doesn't see the sun, she is likely to go back to bed."

According to the Little Rock Zoo, Trudy is enjoying her "retirement" with her male companion Brutus.

We hope to wish Trudy a happy 61st sometime in June!

Courtesy of THV 11

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