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If you can't donate, please share!

There are so many GoFundMe requests on their website. 

From my observations the majority are legitimate requests for assistance.  Helping strays get adopted and nursed back to health, patients of disease needing funds for care, people lacking transportation and are in need to get to work.  The 'needs'. People tend to donate and share those requests pretty easily.  (for some reason more to sad looking animals than their fellow man, but i digress.)  

Then there are the 'wants' that are still legit requests and are not completely selfish. The underpaid student needing tuition assistance or funds for a vehicle or laptop for school, the cheerleader who wants to take the trip to a finals competition, the senior veteran wanting to take a trip to see old friends at a reunion, and even requests for help to pay for funeral upgrades.  These, being more of a 'want', mean much to the requester who doesn't have the funds for their dream but doesn't get the attention as the the 'needs' requests. 

That's not a wrong thing.  It does mean that people of the second group needs to work a little harder to attain their goal. 

The third group while fun to see and somehow, sometimes, gain many donations are the sarcastic posts in jest.  GoFundMe to buy Keurig Kups because they cost too much and the machine isn't being used. Or, my purse has a hole so I need to get a replacement Louis Vuitton handbag. 

My daughter belongs to the second group.  She had an opportunity to study abroad in France this summer with some of her class.  In researching, everyone said it was an experience not to pass up so she is going in May.  She has a job and has been paying toward it, we've helped her, and she setup a GoFundMe. 

As I said, the second group needs to work a bit harder to achieve their goals so I have been donating a lot of items to be used in giveaways as incentives to donate to her project. For every $10 donated an entry into a monthly drawing is made for winner's choice of available items. At the end of the month she comes to my house and does a Facebook live video where we do the drawings.  After several months of doing this we are in the last month and she is near her goal.  

Check out the photo gallery and her links for more info, to donate, and to possibly get something cool from my collection. 

Matt Cruz

Matt Cruz

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