Dude stole my near death experience! I slipped on ice and nearly died too!


So not too long ago I was in the break room here at 100.3 The Edge when I was innocently getting a beverage to soothe my throat. Little did I know that one little drink would almost cost me my life!!!

Seriously... if there is ice on the floor of the break room it is the radio station's responsibility to clean it up. I can't believe that someone would leave ice on the ground like that for someone to slip and nearly DIE!

Here's the thing that really sucks. This happens to me and I begin to imagine what I would do with all the money I would make in suing the company you know... after mental health is taken care of and after my neck brace is off when this other jacknipp has his slip on ice and almost die video plastered all over the news.

It's insane this would happen to the both of us in totally separate places! Geez... some people. Clean up your ice!!

Let this be the issuance of a new social media challenge! The #mcsliponicechallenge remember to BE SAFE when slipping on ice in the break room! Remember to tag your videos with #mcsliponicechallenge and #edgelittlerock there may be something in it for the ones that make me laugh hardest!

BTW... here is the real one that started it all...

Matt Cruz

Matt Cruz

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